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Whether you read on an iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, MS Surface, Nook, Kobo or any Android device, GreatDigitalMags brings you Imagine's quality technology content to download and read your way

Welcome to is the official digital editions site of Imagine Publishing, the worldwide content publisher. From here you are able to purchase your favourite digital magazines, bookazines and eBooks for a multitude of devices, from Smartphone to tablet to PC.

  • What are our brands?

    A world-leader in technology, knowledge, photography and videogames publishing, Imagine creates brands that connect with audiences across the world. Unified by core values of great design and direct, accessible content, Imagine's brands have a rich, successful history across media and in exciting, cutting-edge markets, such as Apple, Android and Photoshop.

  • What devices are they on?

    Imagine Publishing's digital editions and eBooks are available on a huge range of platforms, including Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Specifically, these include all iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, Samsung phones and tablets, Kindle Fires and Nexus 7s. Kindle, Kobo and other eReaders are also home to our ebook range.

  • Why go digital?

    Imagine being able to carry your entire collection of your favourite magazine in your bag. Or being able to zoom in to a great image on a page and savour it just that much more. These are just some of the benefits of choosing to read your magazines, bookazines and books digitally, but there's so much more as well - including great prices, exclusive deals and incomparable convenience.

  • What are digital editions?

    Digital edition magazines and bookazines are interactive replicas of their print counterparts. A digital edition offers readers all of the content available on the traditional newsstand, page for page, with the exception of any coverdiscs which may have come with the print editions. Digital editions also offer zoomable text and images as well as a whole host of other features.

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  • What are eBooks?

    eBooks are traditional books in digital form. Available for eReaders such as Kindle, Kindle Touch, Sony eReader, Kobo and many more, as well as Smartphones and tablets, Imagine eBooks are designed to give readers an alternative way to enjoy our world-leading content. Imagine also publishes in the iBooks 2 format, available on iPads exclusively.

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  • What are bookazines?

    Bookazines are a high-quality, premium book-magazine hybrid that sit on the magazine shelves - both print and digital - as opposed to bookshelves. Unlike magazines, bookazines typically focus on a specific product or skill rather than a broader subject matter, however they nevertheless look and feel like magazines, sharing the qualities of great design and truly accessible information.

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