Photoshop® Creative Issue 96

Magazine Digital Edition

If you want to understand how Photoshop works and how to use it to create amazing images, you need Photoshop Creative. Each issue has 116 pages full of practical advice and inspiring tutorials to enable you to make the images you've always wanted. Want to improve your photos? Each issue has loads of image-editing tutorials that range from simple fixes through to more intense techniques. Want to flex your creativity? You'll find loads of ideas for how to transform your photos into something marvellous, whether it's a scrapbook, a photomontage or a piece of digital art. Now add in some tool guides, Photoshop Elements tutorials, interviews with amazing Photoshop artists, Q&A pages, product reviews and other resources, and you can see why Photoshop Creative is the only resource you will ever need.

Discover how to get the best from Photoshop filters. In our ten-page special you'll learn how to paint with filters, retouch with filters and much, much more. Also, learn some amazing surreal effects, achieve an easy Tilt-shift effect and master the Clone Stamp tool in our easy-to-follow tutorials. There are pages and pages of expert advice, tips, tricks and tutorials in a jam-packed issue.

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