Linux User & Developer Issue 123

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Linux User & Developer is the only Linux magazine that caters for IT professionals, business users and advanced enthusiasts. Whether you're a system administrator, software developer or a self-confessed Linux geek, the magazine features the latest cutting-edge techniques you need, explained by our crack team of open source experts that work at the heart of the open source movement. Now in its tenth year, Linux User & Developer has built up its long-held reputation as the ultimate choice for the GNU generation by delivering the most in-depth tutorials, features and commentary on the biggest topics in modern computing. With Linux User & Developer the future of open source computing is in your hands.

Get stuck in with alternative uses for your Raspberry Pi with our top 10 amazing Raspberry Pi projects! From supercomputers, to arcade machines, to even remote control cars, you can do a lot with your tiny computer. We also have an interview with Raspberry Pi co-creator Eben Upton, and a full report from the unveiling of the Ubuntu phone

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